Wisdom Teeth Woes – Pick a Dentist Sensitive to Your Teeth and Your Budget!

Looking for a dentist in Centennial, CO to care for your wisdom teeth? You don’t need to look any further than Dr. Kathleen Young, the Centennial’s leading female dentist!

Dr. Young understands how hard it can be to take care of your wisdom teeth and she promises to deliver a gentle touch with compassionate care.

Meeting Your Wisdom Tooth Needs

Wisdom teeth are often impacted because there’s just not enough room in the mouth for them to come in properly. Impacted teeth will usually damage the other teeth in front of them. They are also prone to developing gum disease and cavities because they are so hard to keep clean!

Rather than placing a filling so far back, the best long-term solution is to just pull the wisdom tooth. Additionally, the disease in or around the wisdom teeth can spread to infect other (more necessary!) teeth if the tooth isn’t extracted.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Treatment

If your wisdom tooth (or teeth) need(s) to come out, then you want treatment to be as quick, simple, and comfortable as possible.

A great dentist will:

  • Answer your questions
  • Thoroughly explain the recommended treatment process
  • Explain all your treatment options
  • Accommodate your unique needs
  • Be as gentle as possible
  • Discuss your payment options

Dr. Kathleen Young will give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision regarding the future of your wisdom teeth. Expect only the best treatment here at Young Family Cosmetic Dentistry!

Centennial’s Best Wisdom Teeth Dentist

Curious to know what’s going on with your wisdom teeth? Schedule your appointment at Young Family Cosmetic Dentistry as soon as possible. We’re pleased to offer you the convenience of booking your appointment online, and offer a comfortable, relaxed dental environment to meet your unique needs.

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