When is a Crown Better than a Filling?

Have you recently suspected that something was wrong with your tooth? Maybe it feels rough, sensitive, or doesn’t feel “quite right” when you’re biting or chewing. You pop in to see your dentist expecting to need a filling – but you find out that you need a crown instead.

Why does your tooth need a crown? Most people wonder why they just can’t have the tooth filled.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

Fillings go inside of a tooth. A crown goes around it. 

Fillings are placed into a tooth to rebuild the hole caused by a cavity. A crown covers the entire surface of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. Fillings repair teeth when the bulk of the tooth structure is still present. Crowns are used to maintain the integrity of teeth that would wear away due to normal use.

A crown will hold up longer than the filling. 

Imagine yourself patching up a tire that has a hole in it. Eventually that patch will wear out, and you’ll be left with a larger hole. If the hole is small to begin with, a patch is fine. If the hole encompasses a significant amount of the tire, then a patch simply will not do.

When you patch up a tooth with a filling, especially if that tooth is compromised, your tooth is going to wear out much faster and need more invasive care to recover. Rather than crowning the tooth to begin with, you would then need a crown and a root canal.

When your tooth is compromised, you need added stability. 

Placing a crown over a compromised tooth allows you to continue using that tooth normally. The pressures from biting and chewing are distributed over the crown as a whole, so that weak points of the tooth do not fracture away.

Teeth that need crowns usually include situations like:

  • Deep Tooth Decay
  • Large Fractures
  • Replacing Large, Old Fillings
  • Following Root Canal Therapy

Finding the right dentist to perform your crown treatment is essential. Dr. Kathleen Young is a cosmetic dentist in Centennial, CO who can help you enjoy a healthier, stronger, more beautiful tooth that compliments your entire smile. Call our office today to schedule an exam!

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