Three Foods for Children to Avoid

Don’t you enjoy rewarding your kids for a long day at school with some of their favorite munchies? Unfortunately, you can’t ignore the fact that some snacks are just bad news for your kids’ smiles.

Dr. Kathleen Young at Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry recommends that you re-look at your pantry before passing on some popular snacks:

Sweetened Cereal

A lot of cereals come with fun flavors, colors, and (bonus!) marshmallows. Kids love this stuff! It’s not just for breakfast – cereal is a great snack. Fortified with essential vitamins, you’d think this is a harmless snack option…guess again.

Most sugary breakfast cereals are made from highly processed carbohydrates. These break down quickly into small bits that stick around in the mouth long after eating. These sugars are highly acidic as well. Acids wear down tooth enamel, boosting cavity generation. The sugar provides the fuel that cavity-causing bacteria need to damage teeth.

Gummy Fruit Snacks

How can kids resist a gushy, chewy, sweet, fruity snack?

The sugar content in these snacks far outweighs any promises of being made with “real fruit,” and instead creates a dangerously acidic environment in the mouth. The sticky texture of these popular candies can pack into the grooves on teeth. This makes the acid stick around even after brushing.


Soda is notorious for promoting cavities! This is because it contains a nasty combination of acid and sugar. Frequent exposure to soda wears down tooth enamel. The acid and sugar wash in-between teeth and the teeth soak in this harmful combination for as long as your kid is sipping on the soda. Reserve the soda for special occasions and enjoy it with a meal, but sour your kids on soda for snack.

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