Teeth Whitening


We may notice that over time our teeth have become discolored or stained. This may be caused from many factors, such as coffee, foods, or even smoking. There is a simple solution to correcting this, which is teeth whitening. It can be performed in a short period of time and is completely safe and provides you with a beautiful smile in no time!

Sapphire In-Office Teeth Whitening!

Sapphire In Office Teeth WhiteningNew technology has provided a solution called Sapphire Light. It is a versatile Plasma Arc Light (PAC). There is no post-treatment sensitivity with this process and it can be used for fast-curing or chairside bleaching. The Sapphire Plasma Arc Light with the DenMat Lightning System has been confirmed to be able to whiten teeth 7 – 12 shades.

The light-cured composites are able to cure in only three seconds and dual-arch bleaching takes only 30 Р60 minutes. The entire process takes about 1.5 hours. This advanced technology is only possible with the Sapphire Light.

The Sapphire Light is fast, comfortable, and can individually whiten teeth in a uniform shade. It is considered the cornerstone of the DenMat 1-Hour Smile Whitening Program. It is the most convenient system yet developed.

In fact it is unparalleled!.