At some point we may begin to feel that our smile just isn’t the same as it once was. This is normal, as, over time, teeth become weaker and are prone to issues like decay, discoloration, cracks, and many other problems. If you are experiencing these feelings, a crown may be able to help you restore your smile. Your dentist may feel that a crown is necessary when a tooth is decayed or weakened. This will help to prevent other problems from occurring and a crown will be a better choice than a filling or bonding.

Crowns are created from various materials. Some are made of porcelain, others fused to metal, or they may be a full gold crown. A porcelain crown can help to preserve a more natural appearance and may be more closely matched to your teeth’s natural shade, allowing it to appear more like your own teeth.

It will require 2 – 3 visits to your dentist to complete the procedure of placing a crown. First, the enamel of the tooth will need to be reshaped. This will allow the crown to be placed over the tooth. Following the reshaping of the tooth, a mold will need to be taken not only of the tooth but of the surrounding teeth as well. It will have to be sent to a dental lab where the crown will be created. It is necessary that it fit correctly in the spot created for it and that it look the same as the teeth around it. You will receive a temporary crown until the permanent one comes back from the lab.

It will be approximately 2 – 3 weeks before the crown is returned to the dentist and will require a second visit for the fitting. At this point, you will have your old smile back, and probably better. Crowns generally last around 10 – 15 years and are quite durable. You should maintain it just as you would your natural teeth with regular dental hygiene routines of brushing and flossing. To discover more about restoring your old smile with a crown contact us today.