Parent’s Guide to a Great Dental Exam – Protect Your Kids’ Teeth This Summer!

Well, it’s finally that time of year when kids find themselves outside more and more. That’s usually great news, but a word of caution is in order: the increased outdoor activity comes with some inherent risks to the kiddos’ smiles – that’s why dental prevention and protection is so important.

Are you looking for a top-notch pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO? Dr. Kathleen Young here at Young Family Cosmetic Dentistry is passionate about keeping your kids’ teeth strong and beautiful.

Work in a visit to see us at some point this summer before things get too busy; and use the following pointers to ensure your children have safe and healthy smiles this summer…

Re-hydrate in a Tooth-Friendly Way

Soda is a big favorite at picnics and barbecues, but these should be kept to a minimum. If you let your kids drink soda, make sure it’s only during a meal. It’s all too easy for kids to just sip on a can or bottle of pop for hours at a time.

The longer teeth are exposed to soda, the more wear they get. This is because soda contains enamel-corroding ingredients such as:

  • Sugar
  • Carbonation
  • Acid

You might be surprised to learn that sports drinks contain similarly harmful ingredients! These drinks may look healthy because of their re-hydrating properties, but they are bad news for teeth. Encourage your kids to drink water as much as possible.

Protect Smiles from Injury

Injuries to the mouth and teeth are much more common in the busy summer months. Talk with a pediatric dentist in Centennial or a family dentist like Dr. Young about the possibility of a mouth guard to protect growing smiles at baseball practice! Custom guards can dually protect against concussions.

It’s also a great idea to make sure you are established at a local dental practice. In the event of a dental emergency, you’ll know that you have a caring dental expert you can trust to see you as soon as possible.

Looking for an Affordable Pediatric Dentist in Centennial, CO?

Our family dentist serves patients of all ages. Don’t forget to book an appointment online for your child’s dental exam, and start the summer with a healthy smile.


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