Is Your Child’s Smile Causing School Absences? 

As parents, we’re concerned with our children’s health, education, and a good upbringing. With the start of school and changes in the weather, it’s not uncommon for us to start to see things start to make the rounds, such as the flu, chicken pox, stomach viruses, or colds.

Dental Problems Are One of Our Children’s Biggest NeedsKids and Toothaches

One thing might surprise you. Statistically, one of the biggest reasons for children missing school days during the year is because of dental problems such as cavities, toothaches, pain, or emergencies.

Public health officials say that on average, elementary aged children miss about six days a year from illness, while secondary students miss two to three days. Of those statistics, approximately two days of their absences are related to dental health concerns. Likewise, parents are having to miss about two and a half days of work per year, per child, because of their children’s dental problems.

Why Don’t Kids Get the Dental Care They Need?

There are a number of reasons why families don’t always make their way to a pediatric dentist in Centennial. It can be due to lack of time, cost of care, or simply because they do not realize there is anything wrong with their child’s smile until he or she is in pain.

Routine Checkups Can Help to Prevent School Absences 

Finding the right family or pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO can help you prevent your child from having so many sick days from school. It all starts with routine checkups and addressing pediatric tooth decay in its earliest stages.  

Most preventive care appointments allow your child’s dentist to screen for problems before they can cause pain or require taking off from school. Protective sealants, oral hygiene instruction and nutritional counseling empower your child with the chance to keep their teeth healthy for life.

Flexible Appointment Times

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