How Do I Take Care of These New Implants?

As cosmetic dentists in Centennial, CO, one of the most common questions we get is “What can I do to take care of my new dental implants?”

How Do I Take Care of These New Implants?Throughout the process of getting your dental implants in the past year, you’ve been at your dentist a lot. You’ve had imaging done, impressions made, surgery scheduled, and maybe even had a bone graft inserted in your jaw. The procedures can be a good investment, depending on your insurance. Now the important thing to do is to take care of them so you can preserve your new smile.

Continue to See Your Centennial Cosmetic Dentist

You always hear your dentist talk about six-month check ups. With implants, it is even more important to make and keep them. Your semi-annual exam will allow us to take x-rays and to diagnose and treat infections before they become problems.During your appointment, we will also perform a periodontal exam to determine if there are areas of concern for your gums. Inflammation and infection in your bone and gums can lead to infection or other problems for your implants.

Cleaning Your Implants at Home

At-home care of implants is similar to taking care of your natural teeth in that you need to brush (with a soft brush!) and floss twice every day.

But you have to be more diligent about your oral health. Become more aware of the contents of your toothpaste. We recommend staying away from abrasive cleaners like baking soda and stain removing toothpastes, because they can scratch the implant, crown, and irritate the sensitive gums around the implant.

Use a water flosser to clean the implant site, as it will gently flush out any bacteria and reduce plaque. When using floss, choose the unwaxed variety, or the disposable flossers that don’t have wax, or better yet, use an interdental brush that is meant to clean the narrow areas between teeth and at the gum line.

It is imperative to keep your teeth, natural or implanted, as healthy as possible to prevent any type of infection around or near the titanium screws.

If you are concerned about your dental implants in Centennial, CO, call our office. We’ll get you in quick and make sure your smile is healthy and happy!

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