Help! My Child Has Terrible Breath!

You’ve had breakfast and gotten through the morning routine: clothes and shoes are on, teeth and hair are brushed.

Your little one climbs up into your lap for some snuggles or to tell you something silly and you catch a whiff of his breath. Wooowee!! She brushed her teeth – you watched her do it!

So what on earth happened?

Help! My Child Has Terrible Breath!Your family or pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO knows that your little one is sweet, but she can breathe dragon fire like an adult. In fact, since her motor skills are not fully developed, it can be worse! Until a child is able to confidently tie her own shoes, she won’t have the dexterity to effectively remove all the plaque around his teeth, let alone floss!

While this is the primary cause of halitosis in children, it’s not the only one.

Children with allergies have congestion and post nasal drip that can cause odor as it travels down the throat. Nasal congestion will also cause him to breathe through his mouth. As you may know from your own experiences with congestion, when you breathe through mouth, the tissues dry out and the odor causing bacteria begin to flourish.

Here’s what you can do to help the problem:

  1. Help her brush her teeth. At least once a day, probably at night, let her have a turn to brush, then you take a turn to brush. If she has teeth that are touching, use this time to floss as well. Not only will this help with the bad breath, but it will also help maintain her oral health and reduce the chances for decay. Don’t forget to clean her tongue. Around 90% of bad breath “bugs” hide here.
  2. Encourage him to drink water throughout the day. Water will keep the gums, palate, tongue, and cheeks hydrated and will help wash away odor causing bacteria and food particles. Unlike sodas, juices, and just about any other drink, water will not contribute to bacterial growth.

If help brushing and drinking more water don’t have an impact on the halitosis, it could indicate a larger health problem. Your family or pediatric dentist in Centennial, CO can examine your child to determine the underlying issue.

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