Four Signs That You Have A Great-Fitting Denture From Your Centennial, CO Dentist

How do you know if your dentures are fitting your mouth, as they should?

When it comes to your teeth, a well-fitting denture is important for a confident, functional, attractive smile. Here are a few tips to clue you in on whether your full-mouth restoration is fitting as it should:

  1. Comfortable dentures in Centennial, COIf you can talk, laugh, and even sneeze without your dentures slipping, then it’s likely that your restoration is fitting you just right. A little movement for lower dentures can be normal, but if your dentures are continually slipping then Dr. Young, might need to reline or replace them.
  2. Your dentures should feel comfortable. Ill-fitting prosthesis can be too snug, too loose and even create an uneven bite. When that happens, gums can become swollen and irritated. A good denture fit makes for happy gums free of sore spots.
  3. You can enjoy your favorite foods! While you may not be able to eat all the foods you once enjoyed with your natural teeth, you should still be able to eat most of them. If you’re having trouble chewing, then poor denture fit is likely the source of the problem. Left untreated, your well-balanced diet may suffer. If you’re happily and confidently able to eat, then your dentures likely fit just as they should.
  4. Your gums and mouth are healthy. When dentures fit poorly, they can rub against the gum tissue, creating sore, painful blisters.  Food particles and fungus can also find their way underneath your dentures, leading to bacterial and yeast infections. A healthy, happy mouth is a good sign of a proper denture fit.

A Better Fit With Dental Implants

Due to naturally occurring bone loss, associated with traditional dentures, over time your dentures may not fit as well as they did when you first got them. Dental implants are an excellent alternative, that can often be used with your existing dentures, to create a permanent, secure restoration.

Worried About Your Restoration?

Dentures, unfortunately, don’t last forever – and loose dentures can cause you discomfort or loss of oral function. If you’re concerned about your restoration fit, don’t wait to see someone. We invite you to come by our Centennial, CO dentist office, where Dr. Young can examine your dentures and help you determine which treatment option best meets your smile needs.

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