Does It Hurt To Get Dental Implants?

Worrying about pain associated with a dental procedure is completely understandable. As with any type of surgery, getting dental implants can cause some minimal discomfort, but the resulting restoration of your beautiful, confident smile makes it worthwhile.


Dr. Kathleen Young has years of experience performing dental implants in Centennial, CO and hundreds of satisfied patients.


What’s Involved In Dental Implant Surgery?

Your restoration begins with placing a titanium post, or artificial “tooth root”, into your jaw bone. Over time, your implant will fuse to the bone, creating a strong, permanent anchor for your new crown, dental bridge or dentures.


The surgery itself is relatively painless since anesthesia is used to completely numb your mouth. Nitrous oxide gas is also available to help you relax and remain comfortable.  An added benefit of sedation dentistry is that it causes you to feel that time is passing by quickly, and your surgery will be over before you know it. If you’re feeling especially anxious about your surgery, oral sedatives can ease your fears and help put your mind at rest.


Managing Any Mild Discomfort

Most patients feel that the discomfort associated with dental implant surgery is comparable to having a root canal or tooth extracted. Likely, the first hint of pain that you’ll experience will be when the numbness wears off. Commonly, soreness occurs in the area where the surgery was performed and depending on the location, may radiate to the cheeks, chin or under the eyes.


A pain reliever may be prescribed to help relieve any aching that you might experience. Many patients find that over-the-counter medications are sufficient or don’t need pain relief at all.


Post-Op Tips

The most important consideration, to minimize post-op discomfort and complications, is finding a qualified dental surgeon for your Centennial, CO dental implants with extensive training and experience in implant restorations. During the 7 to 10 days of healing, after your procedure, there are a number of ways that you can lessen any discomfort as you recover:

  • Follow your dental surgeon’s post-op instructions, carefully.
  • Stay on top of your discomfort with oral painkillers.
  • Gently bathe your gums in warm, salty water.  (No vigorous swishing or gargling!)
  • Apply an icepack to your cheek or lips to reduce swelling.
  • Indulge in cold treats that will ease discomfort and swelling, such as ice cream, yogurt, pudding and smoothies.
  • Take it easy!  Be kind to your body as it heals by avoiding strenuous activities.


If your pain persists past 10 days or steadily worsens instead of improving, or if you notice signs of infection, be sure to let Dr. Young know right away.

Ready To Enjoy A Beautiful, New Smile?

A confident, attractive, healthy smile is well worth a little discomfort. If you’re ready to enjoy a beautiful dental restoration, give our Centennial, Colorado office a call for a consultation. We can give you a reason to smile.

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