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Treat Your Toothache at Home

A toothache is the kind of pain that’s just impossible to ignore. It can affect your speech, the way you enjoy food, and even make it hard to sleep.

It can be nearly impossible to know exactly why your tooth hurts without having a dentist take a look at your mouth, since a toothache is usually a sign of a deeper issue.

Reasons for a toothache may include:Treat Your Toothache at Home

  • Gum recession
  • Cavity
  • Abscess
  • Gum infection
  • Damaged restoration
  • Bruised ligaments around your tooth
  • Fracture

So what can you do to get relief if you cannot find time to see a dentist right away?

Try these simple remedies for easing tooth pain at home:


An ice pack against your cheek over the sore tooth is a harmless way to temporarily dull pain.

Patch With Gum Or Dental Cement

Is a missing or loose filling making your tooth sensitive?

Stabilize the empty space by packing in a piece of softened sugar-free gum. Even better, pick up a temporary dental cement from your local drugstore. This method is only meant for extremely short term purposes!


Peppermint is a natural pain-duller. Brew a strong tea with dried peppermint leaves and use it as a rinse before sipping it down.


This spice has been used in the professional dental setting. Clove oil is a great natural technique to numb a sore tooth. Alternatively, you can chew on an entire clove and hold it against your tooth once it’s softened.

Saltwater Rinse

A swish with warm salt water can bring down inflammation and soothe irritated tissues.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rinsing with peroxide is helpful if you have an abscess or some other infection. While it won’t make the infection go away, peroxide can help reduce bacteria.

It’s perfectly fine to seek some relief for your toothache at home. But all the remedies suggested here are only temporary. They won’t cure your tooth!

Schedule a visit to our dentist here at Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry as soon as possible. Dr. Kathleen Young will help you find out what’s causing your dental pain. We’ll also get you some more tips on at home tooth care in Centennial, CO.